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Grading computer programs using machine learning

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Grading Uncompilable Programs - Our IAAI paper

Grading Uncompilable Programs



Platform Architect

Aug 2019 – Present Delhi, India
I, primarily, focus on the design and development of new features/capabilities in CARPL.

The platform is being used by research institutions, hospitals and algorithm developers across the world.

Research Engineer

Aspiring Minds’ Research Lab

Jun 2016 – Aug 2019 Gurugram, India
I developed and deployed products which:

  • assesses the email writing skills of a candidate and provides a detailed feedback to the candidate as well as the evaluator.
  • evaluates the HR-fitness of candidate using facial and prosody features. The candidate’s responses to the questions are evaluated to evaluate the content relevance and spoken english skills.
  • can grade programs even with compilation errors. This work has been accepted at IAAI - 2019 Deployed Track.
These products have been used to evaluate thousands of candidates.

Research Intern

Aspiring Minds’ Research Lab

Dec 2015 – Feb 2016 Gurugram, India
I worked with the team to develop a system which can automatically detect the time complexity of a program. My approach helped the team to evaluate the time complexity of programs in more than 12 programming languages. Since then, this system has been used to evaluate thousands of students in US, China and India.

Student Trainee

Samsung Research Institute

Jun 2015 – Aug 2015 Bengaluru, India
I worked with the Memory Solutions Group. I was assigned a task to automate the process of testing SSDs across different operating systems and configurations. It used to take atleast 3-4 weeks to manually test one SSD against all the cases. Through the automation, the team was able to complete the testing in one week.


An application to visualize algorithms used in operating systems

An application to visualize algorithms used in operating systems.

Multi-segmented FTP client

Multi-segmented FTP client for Unix based systems.